Sean Watson Photography


Sean Watson’s photography has been publicly recognized since the beginning of his career. His images can be seen in a variety of regional, national and international publications crediting his talent for wedding and commercial photography. His ability to capture pure emotion and his wide range of shooting styles have shot him straight to the top of his field. Sean’s clients love working with his easy-going personality and his natural ability to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Sean's laid-back approach to photography is not only his shooting style, it is his lifestyle. A native of sunny southern California, he spent several years alpine skiing and backpacking in southern Utah. It was in this period of his life when he realized how important it is to have a great quality of life, and when photography became his true passion. When he made the decision to relocate to Coeur d' Alene, Idaho in 2000, Sean knew the intense beauty of the area, gorgeous lakes, rivers and mountains would make a wonderful playground to start his photography career.

Sean’s inspiration that produces his unique style comes from life itself. His natural ability to anticipate and almost predict emotion comes from within, as he observes his subjects and how they interact in their environments. By directing them in ways to capture natural emotions, not by forcing them, plus his talent for observation and brilliant understanding of lighting makes Sean Watson truly an artist.